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Kansas Autumn

In today's world of big-business medical care, it's nice to know you can turn to somebody who really cares about your health... and who's been there for you, your family and your friends and neighbors for nearly 30 years. Actually, it comes pretty natural to all of us here at United Radiology Group, because we're your friends and neighbors, too.


Since 1975, we've been making an important difference in the lives of the people who live and work right here where we live and work. And in your life, as well. You see, by combining a spirit of innovation, state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities and a genuine neighborly concern for your well-being, for a long time now we've been united with the physicians in Central Kansas to keep folks like you in good health and living well. We're united with you, too, because we really care that you get an accurate diagnosis so you can receive the medical attention you need. Also, we want to continue rubbing elbows with you at the grocery store, the bank and everywhere else our lives intersect with yours.


So, we hope you'll continue choosing the innovative, experienced diagnostic professionals who've been behind your healthcare all this time. After all, we're all in this together.

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